Box 1 - 2007 Season

Box 2 Camera

Set-up from 2006

The set-up used for the 2006 nesting season suffered from poor depth of field and slow exposure. In order to improve the pictures, the lighting was upgraded and a 2.8mm f1.6 lens, with manual iris, replaced the fixed aperture lens.

A few different light sources were tried. These included Nichia LEDs (too blue and uneven colour) and a pair of "warm white" 21 LED assemblies (too yellow, impossible to compensate). We settled on 3 Luxeon Star 3W, 8000K LEDs, run at about 550mA or 50mA. We found that the heat from the lights raised the temperature in the box too much. We added a control so that the lighting can be switched between ~150 lux, for normal viewing, and ~2000 lux. for higher quality recording. The Axis 2100 still can not be set to exactly the right colour balance, but it is not too bad now. .

Luxeon lighting

Constant i source

Modified camera assembly (above) and a blue tit that kindly posed for some test pictues (below)



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