2006 Season

Box 1 Camera for 2007 Season

Box 2 Camera

The camera, in nest box 1, is an Axis 2100, network camera. The standard, 4mm, lens was replaced with a 2.8mm, wide angle lens. Lighting is by means of 3 white LEDs. These were only turned on during the day or to take a snapshot at night. The Axis camera sets its exposure time to suit the ambient light level. There are times when the exposure will be quite long and any movement will result in a blurred image.

The image was uploaded, by FTP, to the web server. Initially the image was refreshed every 15 minutes during the daytime. The rate was increased to once every 10 seconds, when there was a lot of activity.
Stills were stores directly from the 2100. Video was captured using VLC player, for high rate video, or iCatcher, for low rate..


Camera Assy 1

Camera Assy 2

Camera Assembly, showing the season's collection of dust

Camera in box

The lighting and lens were changed in preparation for the 2007 season.

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