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See the Diary for Octoder 2006 Update

Nest Box 3

Last to fledge were the blue tits in box 3.


Diary Updated 29th June


Nest Box 7


Pictures of Blue Tits on their Fledging Day

Nest Box 4

Following the departure of the 7 chicks from Box 1, we recorded some pictures from Box 4. There were 3 chicks which may fledged on the 2nd June.Please take a look here.

Nest Box 4 Pictures & Video Clips - Last Updated 1st June 2006

Nest Box 1

The last chick left at 20:08 on 29th May 2006. We will update the archive and diary pages soon. We have left the camera running at a lower update rate just in case something happens.

Of 11 eggs, 8 hatched, one chick was lost soon after hatching and 7 fledged.


More Pictures from 29th May - Fledging

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