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Stock Village in Essex, UK
V. Dziadosz
View Nesting Birds
A comprehensive list of links to nesting birds' webcams.
"Bird species are in taxonomic order and sites are arranged alphabetically by locality."
Elizabeth & Malcolm's bluetit pages

"This web site is a diary of the breeding behaviour of bluetits and great tits in our garden in Mayford, Surrey since early 2001."
Phil's Nestboxes in Cookstown, NI Includes superb real time, split screen, video & sound if you view via VLC player.
Nistkasten-Webcams (Dresden / Deutschland) 3 Nestboxes in Dresden. Good streaming.
UK Safari Webcam Links
Dean Birders
Dean Birders
Birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire maintained by and for disabled and housebound birdwatchers.
Blue Tit nestbox webcam
Bird in the Nest Two blue tit nest boxes. Still actively updated in the autumn
Mark & Nicky's Bordbox Webcam
Nest box in Basinstoke, UK
Nestbox & Garden Diaries
My Forest Home
"An archive of visiting and nesting birds and Hedgehogs in a New Forest garden in Hampshire England"
"We show live pictures from brooding birds in our garden, or the birdfeeder in the winter"
Bird Links to the World (Webcams)
Worldwide webcam related links from Bird Links to the World
Maunds Wood Wildlife Live Streaming from near Harlow, Essex
When to Watch Wildlife, a month by month guide to what wildlife you can see in Britain "Our Wildlife Calendar takes you to the highlights of each month, and hopefully will encourage you to explore life beyond your computer!"
Suppliers of our capture software, i-catcher console.
Maidhouse Blue Tit Cam
Blue tit webcam based in Maidenhead
Blue tit nest box diary
From Beautiful Britain with links to previous years' pages
Beginners Guide to Bird Watching Thanks for the link, Trent
Hair, Fur & Feathers - The functions of Each Thanks to a community outreach group from Yosemite Park for the link.

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