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Box 1 Blue Tit Roosting
Box 2 Blue Tit Roosting
Box 3 Great Tit Roosting
2006 Diary
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October Gallery
Nest Box 1

First Pictures
Nest Building
6th April
8th April
11-17th April

Egg Laying
19-27th April

28th April - 10th May

10th - 11th May

Feeding the Babies
11th May

17th - 21st May
22nd May
24/25th May
Inside Box
Outside Box
27th May
28th May

29th May - Fledging

October - inspection visits and roosting

Box 2
Great tit roosting (inc videos)

Box 3 - Blue Tits
Fledged 11/6/06

Box 4 - Blue Tits Fledged 2/6/06

Box 5 - Blue Tits

Box 6 Robins - Fledged Mid-May

Box 7 Blue Tits (in Sparrow terrace)

Box 8 Great Tits - Fledged Mid-May

Box 9 - Tree Creeper Box - ???
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