The last great tit fledged today from box 5 (there was only one in there). Here is a summary of this year’s successes and failures:

Box 1 – 9/10 blue tit eggs hatched and all 9 chicks fledged on 25th May. Archived here.

Box 2 – 4 blue tit eggs hatched. sadly, the nest was deserted well before they were ready to fledge.

Box 3 – 4/5 Great tit eggs hatched but only 2 chicks made it to fledge.

Box 4 – A blue tit nest was part built but not used. Archive for boxes 2, 3 & 4.

Box 5 –  3 or 4 Great tit eggs hatched but only one chick fledged today. Box 5 Archive.

Box 7 – This may have been too close to the woodpecker nest. There were early visits by a pair of blue tits but no nest was built.

Box 8 – 8/9 Blue tit eggs hatched but disaster struck just as the chicks were ready to fledge. The parents did not return one afternoon and the chicks died. Boxes 7 & 8 archive.

Woodpeckers – A pair of woodpecker nested in a tree quite close to box 7. Whilst this probably resulted in box 7 not being used, the nest was within range of a network switch & power so we were able to install a camera. 2 chicks fledged on 25th May. Woodpecker archive.


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