Box 1 – Blue tit nest close to finished. The internal camera was replaced with a 1/2″ colour one and the external one by a high resolution IP camera.

Box 2 – Blue tit roosting but little daytime activity.

Box 3 – A few bits of nesting material. No camera yet.

Box 4 – Blue tit test almost complete, one bird roosting and two visiting during the day. The colour camera had problems during the warmer weather so it has been replaced by the IR camera that was in box 1.

Box 5 – Nest close to completion and a blue tit roosts overnight.

Box 6 – Blue tits? No camera.

Box 7 – One blue tit roosts overnight and two visit during the day. Some nesting material.

Box 9 – Blue tit roosting. No camera.

Blue tit

Blue Tit in Box 4

Pair of Blue Tits in Box 5

Pair of Blue Tits in Box 5

Blue Tit on Box 7

Blue Tit on Box 7


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