Until now we have stuck with iCatcher 3.3.13 since it has run very reliably for the last 3 seasons and will continue to be used for the stills captures, for now. Having seen the peregrine videos from Norwich Cathedral, we could not resist trying iCatcher 4. In order to get the best out of the video facility it needs a camera capable of H.264 streaming. Here one of the first tests, showing blue tits on box 1, using a Panasonic WV-NP502:  Right click & save as to download video (32Mb file). VLC player is our preferred viewer.

The camera is capable of 2048×1536 pixels in MJPEG but  we used 1280×960 in H.264. It can produce some excellent results but is a real pain in many respects – it requires IE and ActiveX . The API information is deep in their developer site  here (registration required). Our camera has problems in low light when it displays random horizontal bars. This may just be the particular camera – we are investigating.

Blue Tit 640 x 480 Capture Using WV-NP502


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