2006 Diary

26th December Summary of Activity in December
Box 1

We think that it is Jane, the mother of this year's brood in this box, has been roosting here for a few months. She looks a bit ragged but seems to be ok.

Other blue tits have visited this box during the day and there have been a few scraps over ownership.
Blue tit roosting in box 1
Box 2

A blue tit, probably male, visited for a couple of wees and took up residence around the 22nd December.

It generally visits a few times during the morning to clean the box.
Box 3

A great tit has been roosting here for a coupleof months. It visits during the day.

This position was occupied by a pair of blue tits during this year's breeding season. Blue tits have been seen during the day. On Christmas day, a pair of blue tits were seen.
19th November
Boxes 2 & 3 were swapped in the hope that we would get colour pictures of the great tit. However, the great tit moved with its box.

Box 1 still has the blue tit roosting and the great tit roosts in box 3. Box 2 has an occasional visit, from a male blue tit, during the day. There is often some activity in the boxes on sunny days.
28th October
Pictures captured from boxes 1, 2 and 3 are now uploaded every 5 minutes, when there has been some activity. There is generally more happening on sunny days.

Box 1 has a blue tit roosting most nights and is visited during the day. The great tit no longer roosts in box 2 but it does visit during the day. A blue tit has also been seen in box 2. Both blue and great tits have looked in box 3 but none have ventured in. Box 3 operates in colour and IR but the daytime lights have been disabled in case they were discouraging the birds.
20th October
Visits to the nest boxes are intermittent now, so here is a gallery of recently captured images.

Testing camera in box 3
Oct gallery
19th October
Nest box 1 & 2 cameras are live again and pictures are being updated hourly, if there has been any movement. A new camera is being tested in next box 3.
12th October
The depth of field, in the pictures from nest box 1, is much better now. Changing the LEDs has improved the colour balance but the Axis 2100 does not allow fine enough adjustments.

Video of blue tit inspecting the new lights (9Mb)

It looks like the female, Jane, has returned to roost. Larger picture.

The great tit is still roosting in box 2. Latest video here.
blue tit roosting
7-9th October
We have started to clean out the nest boxes ready for the next season.

In order to improve the picture quality, the lens and lighting have been changed in nest box 1. A blue tit has visited once or twice a day.
Video of a blue tit inspecting the nest box


Nothing nested in nest box 2 this year. However, it seems that a great tit has been roosting in the box for a while.

It appears to have been keeping warm by roosting on the lighting bars, next to the camera.
Video of the great tit going to its roost.
Another roosting video
Leaving in the morning (video)
June 29th
We finally got around to adding the pictures of the last couple of days before the Box 3 chicks fledged

Click here for last pics.
11th June
The Box 3 family fledged at some time between 17:00 on the 10th June and 10:00 today.

Box 1 webcam feed stopped until next year.......
More pics to come
9th June
Apparently it is not unusual for males, especially, to lose some head feathers. It does not seem to have got much worse. Feeding is continuing.
7th June
The parents in Box 3 are looking a bit ragged but they continue to feed the young

Pictures from Box 3 taken on 6th & 7th June
6th June
Now keeping an eye on Box 3 - yet more blue tits
5th June
We recorded the fledging of the chicks from Box 7 today. These blue tits were in the end of a sparrow terrace.

Pictures from Box 7 taken on 5th June
4th June
We thought that all the blue tits had fledged. However, it seems that boxes 3 and 7 (one compartment of a sparrow terrace) are still active.
31st May - 2nd June
The 3 chicks in Box 4 fledged on the 1st and 2nd of June. The first one went at around 08:00 on the 1st and the other 2 left before 07:30 on the 2nd.

Pictures and video clips from 30th May to 1st June
30th May
No visits to the box today so we will try to follow the fortunes of the 3 chicks that are close to fledging in nest box 4
29th May
Pictures from 29th May - Fledging - Monitored Box

The chicks fledged today between 17:15 and 20:08. 6 went between 17:15 and 18:00ish. However, the last one gave some concern since it took ages to decide to go at 20:08.

The camera is now set to update hourly.
28th May

5 look quite large now and have been testing their wings. A couple always seem to be at the back for food.

A couple of the larger chicks have been looking out a lot today. Not long before they fledge?

Pictures from 27th May
Pictures from 28th May
24th & 25th May

Video of chick exercising its wings
Video of chick eating a bit too much at once (Both in .mp4 - use VLC Player)

Pictures of parents flying to and from the box
Archive with more pictures of chicks

23rd May
A few chicks now have their eyes open and appear to be much more demanding

Archive with more pictures
21st May
7 chicks seem to be developing well. They are still in the cup but now have feathers and are stretching their wings often.

Archive with more pictures & videos
17th May
We have confirmed that 3 out of 11 eggs did not hatch. The most beaks spotted at one time has been 7 so it looks like one chick has not made it. 7 Beaks
14th May
The parents have been feeding their young all day. We can still see 2 unhatched eggs. We have named the parents Jane and Mick.

AVI Video of both parents feeding the chicks. (Large file - 6mb, please save to your PC before playing)
12th May
It looks like there are 2 eggs left. There has been plenty of feeding by both parents.

Real time video (in MPEG4 - Use VLC Player if you have problems) Please click here and save to your computer before playing.
11th May
3 eggs left in the morning. no more hatched by the end of the day.

AVI Video of Jane & Mick feeding the brood
(1.2mb. It is best to save the file and play locally - right click & save as...)
hatching 1
10th May
1st to Hatch

hatching 1
10th May
Are there 11 eggs?

11 eggs?
4th May
The male paid a few visits around mid day to feed the female. It's the first time we have seen this happen.

More pictures here
Male feeding female
3rd May
We tried out a camera looking at the outside of the nest box. We think that this is the elusive male. Male Visit?
30th April
The female has been sitting most of the time and turning the eggs every 5-10 minutes. No sign of the male lately. 1959_300406small.jpg
28th April
It looks like there are 10 eggs 10eggs_small.jpg
27th April
It has been difficult to count the eggs until today, they have been covered most of the time. The female has been turning them regularly but she has not spent long in the box during the days. 9 Eggs
It appears that the female has finished laying and has started to incubate the eggs. sitting
21st April
3 Eggs now (probably there since this morning) 3_eggs_v_small.jpg
19th April
The first egg was laid between 17:00 and 20:00 today. 1st_egg_small.jpg
9th-13th April
The webcam update rate was increased but there has been very little movement to watch. Only an hour or so of activity each day but the nest has a lot more material now. 13th April
8th April
The nest is taking shape. This was the first sighting of the pair in the box together. 1st Sighting of the pair
6th April
One blue tit roosting and building a nest. It spends most of the day out and about, visiting a few times to add to the nest.
5th April
Camera assembly fitted - part built nest noted.
25th March 2006
Original nest box was replaced with larger box ready to fit a camera.
Original box, without camera, was made and installed on east facing wall of garden shed. A pair of blue tits raised a family of about 5 young. The nest was removed and the box cleaned in late autumn.

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