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23rd January 2009 We have added a video server to Box 2 to show the roosting great tit Click here for latest pictures.
Unfortunately, we have not had the time to refurbish the main system for the new season yet.
2nd November Several boxes now have roosting birds. The camera in box 4 has been re-enabled. Click here for latest pictures.
7th June
Box 1 - One of the 2 chicks died around 31st May but the last one fledged on 4th June. Click here for more.
Box 5 - 7 chicks fledged mid-morning of 4th June but one remained and died early on 5th June. Click here for more.
Box 7 - One fledged on 2nd June, one died on the same day and the remaining 3 fledged on 4th June. Click here for more
30th May Box 1 - 4 of the 6 great tit chicks died by 27th. It looks like it is only the female that is feeding the remaining 2 chicks.
Box 5 - 8 Blue tit chicks are moving around the box now and being fed by both parents.
Box 7 - The tail-less female has not been seen since the 26th. There are 5 chicks remaining now which are being fed by the male. He does not spend the night in the box.
Woodpecker - The greater spotted woodpecker has been on and around both boxes 1 & 7 over the last few days. The box fronts are strong enough to resist it but the birds will be vulnerable, when exposed.
25th May
Box 1 - 6 great tit chicks progressing well
Box 5 - Blue tit chicks now visible above the top of the nest cup.
Box 7 - The 9 (?) blue tit chicks have started to leave the nest cup and are filling the box. An external camera has been added.
The female no longer has her tail feathers but seems to be doing fine.

Box 7 Blue tit ParentsBox 7 Internal
20th May
Box 3 - The 8 great tit chicks fledged today within about an hour of each other. The last 3 went in quick succession.
Click here for pictures and videos
17th May
Box 1 - 6 great tit chicks hatched by the morning of 17th May.
Box 3 - 8 great tit chicks look almost ready to fledge.
Box 5 - Blue tit eggs hatched a day or so ago.
Box 7 - Blue tit eggs probably hatched on 14th May
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great tit on box 1
11th May Box 1 - Still incubating
Box 3 - 8 chicks remaining, most now have their eyes open. An external camera has been added (Mono. since the location is very dark)
Box 5 - 7+? Blue tit eggs
Box 7 - Still incubating
Box 8 - Front made good following damage by a woodpecker (?).

Visible lighting has been disabled during hot weather
7th May
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Box 1 - The nest, built by blue tits, was taken over by a great tit which has laid 6 eggs. It has been incubating for a few days. However, the box has received some interest from a greater spotted woodpecker box 1 woodpecker
Box 3 - 9 chicks hatched by 1st May. Both parents have been attending to their young. box 3 feeding
Box 5 - Incubation probably started about a week ago. The number of eggs is unknown. box 3 female
Box 7 - 9 eggs are being incubated.. box 7 female
Box 10 - Blue tits (no internal camera). box 10

Box 2 - No activity, camera removed
Box 4 - No Activity
Box 6 - Blue tits incubating (no camera)
Box 8 - Great tits incubating (no camera)
Box 9 - Blue tits (no camera).

27th April Box 1 - A pair of blue tits built a nest then did not return. Great tits have visited.
Box 2 - Only a few visits from a pair of great tits
Box 3 - 10 eggs laid by 19th April. Incubating.
Box 4 - Occasional visit from male blue tit.
Box 5 - Nest re-built and plenty of activity by blue tits.

Box 6 - No camera but blue tits have completed a nest.
Box 7 - Blue tit roosting and lots of daytime activity.
12th April Box 1 - No Activity
Box 2 - A blue tit pair has been visiting regularly. Occasional visit from a great tit. Switched to IR only today to see if it encourages nesting.
Box 3 - 1st Great tit egg laid on 9th April. Some problems with the camera so it has been replaced.
Box 4 - Blue tit stopped roosting on 6th April, few visits since.
Box 5 - Nest was removed and replaced. System left in IR mode since visible lights seemed to encourage the birds to peck around the camera.

Box 6 - No camera but blue tits have completed a nest.
Box 7 - Blue tits have built a nest. The male does appear to be One Foot.

A technology summary page has been added and the links page has been updated.
31st March 2008 Box 1 - Great tit no longer roosting here and activity is much lower.
Box 2 - A blue tit pair has been visiting regularly. Occasional visit from a great tit.
Box 3 - Great tits started building a nest on 30th March.
Box 4 - Blue tit continues to roost and nest is progressing.
Box 5 - The blue tits have been attacking the visible light LEDs so we have switched to 24hr IR for now. Nesting material was brought in then some removed.

Box 7 - Little activity until yesterday. Lights have been switched to manual since the blue tits seemed disturbed by their reflection. It looks like Scruffy's mate from 2006/7 may be back see pictures. Box 7 Blue Tit
16th March Box 1 - Great tit roosting and pair visit.
Box 2 - Roosting great tit moved out. Great tits and blue tits have visited.
Box 3 - Great tit roosting and pair visit.
Box 4 - Blue tit roosts and pair visit. Nest building started 14th March.
Box 5 - Blue tit roosts and a pair visit.
Box 7 - Blue tits visit

Archives added covering periods 1st January to 11th February and 12th February to 16th March
box 3 great tits box 7 box 4
2nd February Box 1 - A great tit has inspected a few times.
Box 2 - Great tit roosting
Box 3 - A new IR camera was fitted today. See box 3 Tech.
Box 4 - The pair of blue tits continue to visit & one roosts. Box 4 tech. added.
Box 5 - A pair of blue tits has been seen. One roosts.
Box 6 - no camera
Box 7 - Camera running, no activity

January 27th 2008 Box 1 - Camera running, no activity
Box 2 - Camera running, great tit roosting
Box 3 - Camera not re-fitted yet
Box 4 - IR camera running, blue tit roosting & pair visit
Box 5 - Camera running, blue tit roosting
Box 6 - no camera
Box 7 - Camera running, no activity

Blue & Great Tits in Boxes 2, 4 & 5

We finally resurrected the systems after a having few problems. A new, more rugged, front was added to box 7 (the one that suffered a woodpecker attack). The iCatcher PC was re-deployed so we had to commission another. The Euresys Junior 4 capture card stopped working (just out of warranty), so that had to be replaced. One of the day/night cameras (JVC1460E) would not switch properly. Pulling it apart and cleaning the mechanism seemed to fix it. 2 video feeds have acquired an earth loop problem but that will have to stay for now.
26th November 2007 An Axis 2100 camera, modified for infra-red operation, has been put on line showing Box 4. The box was cleaned out in October and a blue tit has been roosting there most nights. Box 4 Webcam
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