2007 Diary

2006 Diary

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26th November An Axis 2100 camera, modified for infra-red operation, has been put on line showing Box 4. The box was cleaned out in October and a blue tit has been roosting there most nights. Box 4 Webcam
25th October I finally got around to indexing some more of the archives:
11th June
  • All 6 blue tits sucessfully fledged from Box 5 over a period of 3 days.
  • Sadly, all 5 great tit chicks died in box 1. The last 2 looked strong on the 9th June but were dead by the 10th. Last pictures from box 1: Internal, External
  • We have a lot of pictures and video which will be added to the site when we get time.

Summary of 2007 Season

Box 1 - 5 great tit eggs, all hatched, none survived
Box 2 - Taken over by a hornet
Box 3 - 9/9 great tits fledged
Box 4 - 10 blue tit eggs, none hatched
Box 5 - 5/5 blue tits fledged
Box 6 - (no camera) Unknown number of great tits fledged
Box 7 - Mother blue tit (Scruffy) killed by woodpecker. Chicks abandoned.
25th May
  • Box 1 All 5 eggs had hatched by 24th May.
  • Box 3 Fledging took 4 days with the last 2, of the 9 great tits, leaving on the 24th May.
  • Box 5 The 6 blue tit chicks have emerged from the nest cup and the first wing testing has been seen.
21st May By 1500 today, 2 chicks had fledged from box 3. We will try to update the pictures in a few days but here is a video of a jay attack. Save to your local drive before playing. To see what happened, it needs to be played frame by frame. Although the jay got some feathers from something, the birds left in the box seem ok.
20th May
  • Box 1 The female great tit is still incubating her 5 eggs. No male around.
  • Box 2 Taken over by hornet/wasp?
  • Box 3 It looks like fledging is imminent. Videos:
    Wing tests and feeding from outside
    External view of feeding
    Pictures from today:
    Page 1, Page 2
  • Box 4 Eggs did not hatch. Abandoned after 20 days incubation.
  • Box 5 Male has stopped feeding the camera and both parents now feed the chicks.
  • Box 7 The front of the box has been wrecked by a woodpecker - possibly Scruffy's attacker.
Box 3 Great Tit

13th May Scruffy's mate, the male in Box 7, fed the young a few times this morning but nothing since 12:30. We thought that we'd try the chicks with a few bits of chopped up mealworm. However, the chicks are not very strong but a couple had some food. Unfortunately, it does not look like there is much chance for them. The male doesn't really know what to do.

More bad news - after 20 days incubating, the female in Box 4 has finally given up and abandoned her 10 eggs.

Box 8 (no camera) has great tits, with young, and there are starlings & blue tits in tree hollows. Boxes 1, 3 & 5 also seem to be doing OK at the moment.
12th May

Scruffy died today whilst defending the nest against an unknown attacker.

Click here for more detail.

9th May
The scruffy family's chicks must have hatched in the last day or so. Here are a few pictures from today's archive.

The eggs in box 4 still haven't hatched more than 17 days after the last egg was laid.

The short sighted(?) male, in box 5, still tries to feed the camera.
Mr Scruffy feeding
6th/7th May
  • Box 1 on 3rd May a great tit started to build a nest and has been roosting since then.
  • Box 2 A hornet(?) decided to build a nest on one of the lights. The camera was obscured.
  • Box 3 It looks like all 9 eggs had hatched by yesterday. Click here for pictures & videos.
  • Box 4 Still incubating
  • Box 5 Looks like incubation started about a week ago. Why this lens gets so dirty - click here
  • Box 7 Scruffy has been incubating her eggs for about a week.
22nd April
  • Boxes 1 & 2 Minimal activity
  • Box 3 9 Eggs laid by today, now incubating.
  • Box 4 10 eggs laid by 20/4/07, now incubating
  • Box 5 Nest almost fills box. Nesting material no longer obscures camera, so feed has been re-started.
  • Box 7 Scruffy may have laid some eggs but they are not visible.
Box 4 eggs9 Great tit eggs
14th April
  • Box 1 Not much happened until 12th/13th when a great tit visited and did a few nesting wiggles.
  • Box 2 A pair of great tits has visited, one has started to build a nest and roosts there most nights.
  • Box 3 The great tits have started a nest here as well. We are not sure if the same birds are visiting boxes 1, 2 & 3.
  • Box 4 The first egg was laid on 12th April. The light level has been reduced to ~150 lux except when capturing video.
  • Box 5 The pair of blue tits have almost filled the box with nesting material. There is hardly enough room for them to stand and they have buried the camera aperture. We are a bit concerned that the nest is up to the hole level and may make the family vulnerable to predators.
  • Box 7 Scruffy, One Foot and another bird have been seen here. Scruffy is now the rooster and has started to build a nest. Since Scruffy has been doing some nesting wiggles, it is presumed to be a female. The light level has been reduced to ~150 lux, except when capturing video.
For pictures, from all boxes, taken during the first 2 weeks in April, click here. Scruffy on her nest
31st March
  • Box 1 Not much activity. Just a few visits from both blue & great tits. January-March archive added.
  • Box 2 At least 3 great tits have been visiting. There was a big fight on 28th (video here). Since then, some nesting material has been brought in. Plenty of nesting wriggles seen. Set to IR only.
  • Box 3 Visits from 2 birds during the day with some nesting wriggles. Male seen to feed female. No roosting since 26th.
  • Box 4 Female roosting every night. Nest taking shape. Both male and female visiting during the day.
  • Box 5 Glass replaced by solid barrier. Still set to IR only since birds started to take nesting material over the top of the barrier in to the camera compartment. Camera too low - buried in nest! Lots of activity from both partners.
  • Box 7 One Foot still roosting every night. Scruffy visits during the day. One Foot's nesting material was taken out by Scruffy on the 27th. What now?
  • Click here for pictures from the last 2 weeks
11th March
  • Box 5 has been replaced with a side-view camera box. The male took exception to its reflection so the camera has been fixed in IR mode for a while. More pictures from Box 5.
  • Scruffy has shown up again, this time in Box 1.
  • Nest building has continued in Box 7
  • Still lots of activity in Boxes 3 & 4 but not much in Box 2 until a pair of great tits inspected today.
  • Box 2 has been fixed in IR mode in case the lights were making the box less desirable.
Box 5 Pair of Blue Tits
Annoyed blue tit Box 5
3rd March
Blue tit building nest
26th February
  • Box 1 - Jane, the rooster and mother from last year, has not been seen for a few weeks. A different blue tit has roosted a few times and visited occasionally, during the day.
  • Box 2 - Since the great tits chased the roosting blue tit away there have only been occasional visits by a blue tit.
  • Box 3 - There has been a lot of activity here. The great tit roosts most nights. There have been visits by a pair of blue tits. Over the last couple of weeks, the pair of great tits has visited once or twice a day. A picture archive, for January & February, has been added - click here.
  • Box 4 - An Axis 2100 camera has been fitted to this box. For some reason, the colour balance is different from Box 1. There is a resident blue tit that roosts most nights and visits, with its mate, during the day.
  • Box 7 - Two blue tits, in addition to the rooster, have been seen in here. This box has had the most activity of the blue tit boxes.
10th February
One of last year's residents frombox 7 has got used to the new box and has roosted a couple of times.

The camera noise does attract its attention but it no longer seems to bothered by the reflections from the glass wall.

The long term occupant of box 1 has not been seen since the snow fell a couple of days ago.
box 7 one foot

A pair of great tits has been trying to evict our roosting blue tit in box 2. We did not see the blue tit from 6-8th February but it returned to roost on the 9th. The picture was the last captured before it left on the 5th Feb. Box 2 blue tit defending
This is the pair of great tits. One or both have been returning a couple of times a day. Box 2 great tit pair
1st February
One of last year's parents, from box 7, has been visiting the new box 7. The bird's left foot is deformed or injured. Compare with picture 3 here catherine.net_box_7_test_1-2-07-2_210.jpg
Who's that? (Looking at its reflection in the glass) catherine.net_box_7_test_1-2-07-3_210.jpg
30th January There has been a lot happening in the boxes but we have not had much time to update this diary.

The sparrow terrace has been moved and its location filled with a new box, Box 7, fitted with a side view camera.
25th January
A nice picture of the box 2 resident defending against a pair of great tits. box 2 defending
6th January
Blue tits have been visiting the great tit's box (3) most days. The great tit has only roosted half the time in the last week.
Box 2's roosting blue tit spends some time each morning cleaning up. Compare this box to the mess in box 1 (see picture below). box_2_blue_tit_4-1-07_a_210.jpg
Rooster posing in Box 1 box_1_blue_tit_5-1-07-210.jpg
3rd January 2007
We're not sure what this pair were up to.

The three roosting birds have been around most of the time but the great tit does not return every night.

Details of the Box 2 camera have been added.
29th December 2006
The 28th December was sunny which meant more activity in the boxes. This looks like a male visiting the roosting female in Box 1. box_1_mate
We are not sure if this was a friendly encounter or a take over bid in Box 3. box_3_intruder-or-mate
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